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Microskin For Tattoos

Microskin Is Suitable For All Genders And Skin Types. When It Comes To Total Tattoo Coverage, We Make It Easy!

Microskin for Tattoos is a revolutionary, first of its kind cover up formulated to camouflage Tattoos, large or small. Whether you're going to work and need to hide your tattoo from your boss, attending a formal occasion, walking in a wedding or attending your own, or just in need of something to keep your tattoo from the sun, we have your solution. Microskin!

What makes Microskin so different is that it is a light liquidized product which is applied right on top of your tattoo. Microskin is not a cream, and doesn't have the heavy, chalky, makeup appearance like other camouflage products. Once applied, Microskin is durable, flexible, and it won't rub off on clothing or linen. It's waterproof and allows your skin to breathe. Microskin is suitable for all genders and skin types. When it comes to total tattoo coverage, we make it easy!