Microskin Makeup For Hiding Keloid Scars

Microskin is the best makeup for hiding keloid scars. Why? When dealing with hard to cover scars, Microskin is unique in the fact that it is completely customizable and a personalized product. That is something many other companies lack, is the ability to have a shade of cosmetic that is made just for you.

Makeup for Hiding Keloid Scars

At your consultation, we scan your unscarred skin, and get your skin color. Once scanned, we custom-blend for you a liquid cosmetic that completely matches your skin. No need for second-guessing or an almost match, Microskin delivers an exact, perfect match. When applied, Microskin will hide keloid scars totally. Your skin will look unmarked and not “makeup” looking either. Microskin, for being such a densely pigmented product, is very lightweight. It lets your keloid scars breathe underneath the makeup, and it does not have the appearance of makeup. It instead looks much like a second skin, and it moves and is flexible to you.

During your consultation we will also discuss what way of applying Microskin is best for you. The airbrushing technique is usually great for people trying to get rid of keloid scars that are larger, and you use an airbrush machine to apply Microskin. With the stippling technique, you can easily pinpoint and conceal keloid scars with theĀ stipplingĀ sponge. This precision makes it ideal for smaller areas or smaller keloid scars. Microskin, a great makeup for hiding keloid scars, dries quickly too once it is applied, and is also waterproof. It is resistant to showers and baths, and it is also not going to come off when you exert yourself, as Microskin is also sweatproof. The length Microskin stays on is up to you, because it can last as long as a week on skin. To remove it, you need to apply our alcohol-based cleanser.

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Keloid Scar Cover Up

Many people will agree that the best Keloid scar cover up can be found in Microskin. While Microskin is not a medical treatment for keloid scars, it works as a cover up for these scars and works to help make them less noticeable. This is achieved because Microskin is applied in a thin layer over the keloid scar itself with a color that can be pre-matched from your healthy skin tone. The result is that the scar itself will be coated in Microskin which should help to reduce its visibility drastically.

Keloid Scar Cover Up

Our definition of a Keloid Scar is as follows:

Keloids are red, raised and firm scars with a smooth shiny surface. These often tender nodules can complicate minor acne and are more common in dark skin types.

If this sounds like the type of scar you have, then please Contact Us and send us a picture of the scar or ask us any questions you might have.

Once Microskin is applied to the scar it can last for anywhere between a few days up until a week depending on the location of the scar, it’s size and specific classification. An important thing to keep in mind is the following piece of information:

Microskin will not alter skin texture or skin elevation; Microskin helps camouflage, but does not make skin imperfections completely invisible.

This is especially important to note since Microskin is unable to change or alter skin textures as is often seen in scarring and this is one of the most Frequently Asked Questions that we receive. We most certainly invite you to contact us with any questions or photos concerning your Keloid Scars and we’ll be happy to give you all of the information that we possibly can about how we believe we can assist you.