How to Use Microskin as Keloid Makeup

Concealing keloids can be a challenge. Due to their irregularity in color, using and finding keloid makeup seems impossible. However, let me tell you about Microskin. Microskin is a heavy-coverage, liquid cosmetic. We are able to achieve such a great coverage due to a precise scan we do of your healthy skin.

How to Use Keloid Makeup

This scan is non-invasive and painless, all the scan does it make a copy of your skintone. Once we have that, we can personalize Microskin to your pigment. When Microskin is applied to your keloids, you will not even be able to tell they are there anymore. Microskin is more than a keloid makeup, it is much like a second skin. It looks natural and it appears as normal skin, without any thick appearance left on skin. It also is flexible and moves with you. This second skin is also highly breathable, allowing  Using Microskin to cover up keloids is also simple. You can use either the stippling technique using a stippling sponge over the areas with keloids. Or, there is the airbrush technique  in which you use an airbrush machine to spray Microskin all over. We will decide at your consultation which method would be best for you and your specific needs.

In being such a heavy-duty keloid makeup, Microskin is also very long-lasting! It can last anywhere from a couple of days to up to a week. Microskin is also totally waterproof. You can shower and perspire while wearing Microskin, and it will still look as though you had just freshly applied it. Look at our Before and After gallery, and see just how realistic and well Microskin is. Microskin can and will hide keloids that you might have, call or e-mail us for a consultation today!

Microskin is The Best Keloid Coverup

Ranging in color from pinkish to red or dark brown, keloids are a huge damper if you have them. Keloids, which are a type of scar, affect a whole variety of people. When they are large or visible (or a combination), you might start considering a way to cover them. Microskin is a liquid cosmetic that will transform your skin and is the best keloid coverup.

We don’t like to refer to Microskin as simply a makeup, when it is so much more than that. It is truly a “second skin” of sorts, conforming to your body and moving with it. The look of Microskin is remarkable. It looks like normal skin, no sign of cosmetic help to be seen.  Concealing keloids with this second skin is simple. You apply it with either a stippling sponge, which is perfect for smaller areas, or an airbrush machine, which is best for larger areas. Microskin can cover keloids perfectly because of the customized product we provide for you. We scan your healthy skin to get the exact tone, and then create your Microskin. Once applied using either of the two methods, the coverage is flawless and undetectable because of how precise the color match is.

Your “second skin” is also waterproof. Shower and sweat all you like, Microskin is going to stick around, another reason why it is the best keloid coverup out right now. It is also resistant to friction. What that means is while Microskin is covering your keloid scars, it can rub up against your clothes or even other people, and it will not transfer. Microskin can hide keloids for up to a week, depending on how dry the texture of the skin is. To remove Microskin, you just need to apply our specifically designed remover that we provide for you upon purchase of Microskin.

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