Microskin – The Perfect Vitiligo Cover Up For Men

Microskin is the best vitiligo cover up for men. Period.

Contrary to many people’s first belief, the majority of the vitiligo patients we see in our clinic are actually men. If you are a man and have vitiligo and are interested in Microskin, we welcome you to give us a call or send an email today.

We offer personal, private consultations and training sessions with our skilled Microskin technicians. Our technicians will make sure that you understand exactly how to apply our product professionally before you leave our building.

You don’t even have to waste time with other generic makeup products. Microskin is a custom skin makeup that acts more like a second skin to completely cover vitiligo areas making our product the most effective vitiligo cover makeup around. Other vitiligo cover lotions are expensive, blotchy and look terrible. You can apply the perfect amount of Microskin to any area of the body and have it look very natural. Covering up vitiligo the safe way couldn’t be easier.

The advantages of using Microskin are not having to deal with harmful procedures and skin dye for vitiligo that aren’t always safe. We offer a better way of covering up vitiligo that isn’t invasive or painful.

Microskin isn’t a topical corticosteroid either. It’s a medical makeup that is also known as a camouflague makeup that works the same for both men and women.

Makeup For Vitiligo Cover Up

When it comes to covering vitiligo with makeup, you should know that all products aren’t created equally. The majority of clients that we see in our clinic have tried all sorts of various vitiligo cover ups and have been disheartened. The different products available on the product are really all just the same thing and are not really designed well. They are just generic colors of heavy makeup.

Makeup For Vitiligo Cover

This is why we’ve created Microskin. It’s a custom skin makeup that is designed to precisely match your skin color and tone. It’s the ultimate concealer makeup package that is designed to allow your skin to be able to breathe. It’s strong enough to also be waterproof while not being able to rub off.

When you visit our clinic, we give you thorough how to instructions and tips on applying Microskin for maximum results. There’s no need to worry about anything since our skilled technicians have successfully taught thousands of people how to apply Microskin professionally for years.

Covering vitiligo has never been so easy and we guarantee that. If you don’t think that Microskin is the best makeup for vitiligo cover up then you have absolutely no obligation to buy it but we do wish that you’ll come down for a consultation to see how we can help you.

New Microskin Review Video Is Live On YouTube!

We’re proud to share a new video on YouTube with you. It features a brief over view and introduction to what Microskin is:

In a nutshell, Microskin is an extremely durable medical grade makeup that can be custom matched to your skin tone. Once the precise color match is made, we offer consultation and training sessions that are designed to teach you how to put it on like a professional.

The actual makeup itself does a fantastic job of covering up any skin conditions, including tattoos. Check out our YouTube channel for more real-time demonstrations of the cover up process. We show all of our videos in real-time and never edit them.

If you have any questions about Microskin or if you’re wondering if it can work for you – then please call either our New York or California office today. You can find the phone number right at the top of this page.

Vitiligo Makeup for Hands

Vitiligo is a skin condition that can appear suddenly and on any part of the body. The characteristic symptoms of vitiligo are a loss of pigment on the skin, resulting in “white spots” that can come and go and even change position on the body.

When vitiligo occurs on the hands, it can make many of our patients feel extra self-conscious since it is a highly visible area. The hands are also a very sensitive area so it is a part of the body that is most frequently seen by our patients also.

This is why Microskin ends up becoming frequently used as a vitiligo makeup for hands. It’s the perfect choice because it can’t be rubbed off easily and it is entirely waterproof. Traditional makeups just don’t last on the hands because sweat, activity, movement and friction eventually rub it off. For Microskin, the everyday activities associated with daily tasks aren’t even a problem and are nothing to worry about.

Here is a REAL TIME demonstration of Microskin being applied to hands as a vitiligo coverup product:

What Is Medical Makeup? Microskin Has Your Answer

Microskin is often referred to as a “medical grade makeup” because it is more potent and durable then what you can buy in stores. For example, Microskin is waterproof, doesn’t easily rub off and can last on the skin for more than a couple of days at a time.

This medical makeup can be extremely helpful when trying to cover up skin conditions such as vitiligo, birthmarks, scars, burned areas and even port wine stains since the extra durability lets you get more out of a single application. While store brands of makeup can somewhat cover up these conditions, it will look a bit more unnatural and “cakey”.

Microskin may be applied using two methods. There is a stipple brush for smaller areas of skin and our new air brush method for larger areas. We are able to create a custom makeup product based on an exact match of the pigmentation in your skin tone. Once this exact match is created, we bottle the color and teach you how to apply it like an expert.

Vitiligo Cover Up For Men

Most men are very hesitant to use any sort of make up or cover up on their skin in order to hide their vitiligo. This is one of the most common concerns we experience at the Microskin clinic.

The truth behind Microskin is that it isn’t exactly a “traditional” make up. Rather, it works as a sort of second skin that is applied to the skin where vitiligo is visible. Unlike traditional makeup, Microskin doesn’t fade for at least a few days and can be removed with a special solution that we provide.

You definitely shouldn’t feel hesitant to give Microskin a shot if you are a male; once applied, Microskin is virtually flawless and is difficult to see with the naked eye since we are able to formulate it to precisely match your skin color and tone.

Check out some of our Before and After photos and videos here: http://www.microskincenter.com/beforeandafter/

If you don’t trust the photos, then you’ll want to watch our videos where we demonstrate how the product works to cover up vitiligo for men in real time without any editing.

How to Cover Up Acne

Acne given any age is embarrassing and unbearable to deal with. Many acne cover ups claim to be light and invisible to the eye but end up looking very heavy and obvious. They are also usually pore-clogging and end up causing more harm than good. Tired of that struggle with trying to coverup acne? I introduce to you Microskin.

Microskin is unlike any other acne makeup on the market. It is a liquid cosmetic that acts more like a second skin than any makeup could ever promise to do. It is lightweight enough that the pores do not get clogged with heavy makeup and instead Microskin allows your skin to breathe, all while concealing acne with its dense pigments.

Matching your skin tone has never been easier either. Microskin is completely customizable and upon your consultation, we scan your unblemished skin to gather your color. We then blend your makeup and figure out the best way to apply it. There are two methods:

-Stippling technique: This is best for small areas riddled with acne. You apply Microskin using a small brush and dab it onto the affected areas.
-Airbrush technique: Using an airbrush machine, you spray Microskin onto your skin. This is best for larger areas of acne.

Removing Microskin is also extremely simple. We provide for you a special cleanser to remove your new second skin whenever you would like. Normal soap and water will simply not do the trick. This gives you options on when you would like to camouflage acne.

We have offices based in New York and California, and you can contact us by e-mail for any other inquiries.

How to Use Concealer for Birthmarks

Birthmarks can range from small to unsightly large ones, and either way there isn’t a whole lot you can do about them. You were born with them, and are trying to find a product that can conceal birthmarks. Birthmark concealer is certainly not easy to come across, but luckily Microskin is here to help you.

Microskin is a liquid cosmetic that acts more like a second skin than an actual makeup. It is pigmented enough to hide birthmarks, but is also lightweight and it appears as if you have nothing on. Hiding birthmarks has never been simpler.

100% custom, Microskin matches your skintone exactly. A simple scan of your healthy skin will provide us with an image of your tone, and we then make you your very own cosmetic to take home. You can apply Microskin with a stippling brush or an airbrush machine. The stippling brush is best for smaller areas and Microskin is applied with a brush in dabbing motions. An airbrush machine is ideal for larger birthmarks, and is misted onto the skin using an airbrush machine we provide for you.

Lightweight and breathable, Microskin is also a very durable birthmark concealer. It is waterproof and sweatproof, so you can rest easy that it isn’t going to fade or end up somewhere it isn’t supposed to be.

For examples of how Microskin can benefit you, please visit our Before & After gallery.

Best Waterproof Vitiligo Makeup

Even the most highly regarded makeup is going to disappear by the end of the day, or worse, in a few hours. Finding a waterproof makeup to hide vitiligo is challenging, but Microskin is here to assist you. One of the only of its kind, Microskin, a liquid cosmetic, is a waterproof vitiligo makeup that is completely opaque and personalized to your skintone.

Microskin is waterproof, sweatproof and budgeproof. This means you can go about your life and activities without being concerned if your makeup has faded or is running. Microskin can last on your body anywhere from a few days to an entire week. The only way to remove Microskin is to use the special remover we give to you. This gives you options and flexibility in when you want to conceal vitiligo.

This vitiligo makeup is completely custom to your skin tone. A Microskin technician, who does a simple and painless scan of your normal skin, gets your exact skintone and blends your liquid cosmetic in accordance. You can then apply the waterproof vitiligo makeup with two different ways.

-Stippling: You can use a small stippling brush to stipple the makeup onto the affected area. This is best for smaller surfaces.
-Airbrushing: An airbrush machine we provide for you lightly sprays Microskin onto your vitiligo, and this is ideal for larger areas.

The Before & After gallery is your best bet to see what Microskin can do for you with your own eyes. Feel free to e-mail us or stop into our offices located in New York or California to make an appointment today.

Use Makeup to Hide Scars

Finding a natural-looking and opaque makeup to hide scars can be daunting. Drugstore and department stores fall short most of the time, and they do not always have a shade to match your skintone. So how do you make scars invisible?

Introducing Microskin, a liquid cosmetic that is one of a kind. It is a unique formula that is opaque enough to hide scars, yet is breathable and lightweight where it doesn’t feel nor look like you have anything on. Microskin is much more of a second skin than a makeup.

Having a perfect shade match to conceal scars is key. Microskin is a completely unique and custom makeup. Upon your consultation, a technician painlessly scans the unscarred skin to get your exact skintone. We then blend and create a liquid makeup for you to use. It seamlessly covers scars and also allows them to breathe and heal.

Applying Microskin to camouflage scars is easy. There is the stippling and airbrushing techniques. The stippling technique is ideal for smaller scars, and Microskin is applied with a small stippling brush. The airbrushing technique works perfectly with larger areas of the body, and Microskin is lightly misted onto the scarred areas using an airbrushing machine we provide for you.

Once applied, your new second skin is basically budgeproof, and will last anywhere from a few days to an entire week. The duration depends upon how many oils are produced on the area, so the drier the area, the more long-lasting it is. Microskin is waterproof and sweatproof as well, so feel free to exercise and shower. The only way to effectively remove Microskin is a special remover we give to you, giving you the most flexible makeup to hide scars.

Microskin has New York and California based offices, so drop in and see us or e-mail us with any inquiries.