Where to Buy Vitiligo Makeup

Trying to figure out where to buy vitiligo makeup doesn’t have to be difficult. Why?

Announcing – Microskin!

Microskin is a “simulated second skin”. We call it a simulated second skin because it is designed to look and appear just like your own skin once it is applied. Microskin works for any skin condition, it also works well for covering up tattoos, scars, birthmarks and burns. If you need to cover something on your skin, for any reason, Microskin will do it.

However, the product is very popular with vitiligo patients. We receive a lot of phone calls daily from patients asking us how and where they can buy vitiligo makeup from us. The answer is simple. We offer Microskin in two ways:

1. You can come directly to one of our offices located in New York City or Pasadena, California. At our offices, we use advanced laser scanning technology to create a precise match color that matches your skin tone. Thus, when you apply Microskin, it will look exactly like your normal, healthy skin tone. At our offices, we offer a consultation. During the consultation, we will create a custom color that matches your skin tone and apply it. We also offer training sessions designed to show you how to best apply Microskin.

2. You can buy one of starter kits online. Click the “Shop” tab at the top of our website and you’ll see it. Our starter kit offers a number of generic colors that will match your skin tone. You can buy this vitiligo cover up from us and apply it on your own. Most people who buy these makeup kits from us love them so much they later choose to visit one of our offices to have us create a custom color for them.

Scar Cover Up Makeup – Microskin Starter Kit Available Now

We’ve worked hard and listened to our customer’s feedback. Thus, we’ve developed Microskin Starter Kits that are designed to help you begin covering up scars right now. Now you have the best scar cover up makeup available to you through our eCommerce store.

We’ve given our customers the ability to buy generic colors they can use to begin covering small, medium and large scars. Our entry level starter kit includes a stipple brush that is ideal for covering up smaller scars. However, if you need to cover a larger area, then inquire about purchasing an airbrush applicator.

Microskin is referred to as a “second skin” because it’s designed to look and feel like your own body’s skin. It applies easily and doesn’t look like a traditional makeup. Instead, it has a look and feel unique to itself.

As always, Microskin’s product is waterproof and won’t rub off easy. It’s perfect to covering all skin conditions and types, especially scars. It’s best to come to our offices and allow our technicians to develop a custom color solution for you after you try our starter kit, however, it is not required.

We love to hear our customer’s success stories. Please feel free to contact us, send us pictures or even an email. We love what we do and we love hearing how our product helps!

Vitiligo Cosmetics – How A Gentleman Successfully Covered Vitiligo With Microskin

Not all vitiligo cosmetics are created equally. Most vitiligo cover up products are “cakey”, blotchy and rub off on everything those who apply them touch. What could be worse than trying to cover up your vitiligo, only to have the cover up rub off on everything you touch?

With Microskin, covering vitiligo is easy. We remember one of the happiest days we’ve ever experienced in our office. A gentlemen came in for a consultation. He informed us that he had vitiligo for many years. This gentleman was disappointed in other vitiligo cosmetics available because they always rubbed off on other people and fabrics.

The gentlemen told us how he went to hug his daughter one day and his cover up product rubbed off on to her baby blanket and ruined it. From that day forward, the gentleman was determined to find a better solution. After we applied Microskin, he instantly noticed that it was very difficult to rub it off. He was almost brought to tears. The gentleman could now enjoy the simple things: a hug, an embrace, and not worry about having to ruin other people’s fabrics or garments.

Microskin is considered one of the best vitiligo cosmetics because it’s easy to apply and doesn’t rub off easily. It’s even waterproof. Microskin is affordable and can be used to cover large and smaller areas of vitiligo, making it perfect for small makes or useful as vitiligo body makeup.

Visit our shop in the tab above or give us a call today to see how we can help you cover your vitiligo.

Microskin’s Makeup For Vitiligo Now Available Online

Microskin now offers our “second skin” product for sale online through our eCommerce store. You can select a color that closely matches your own skin tone. We’ll create the color and send you a start kit. The starter kit includes every item you need to begin applying your Microskin right away.

The starter kit with stipple brush is ideal for applying Microskin to smaller areas of vitiligo. If you need makeup for vitiligo to cover larger areas, we recommend purchasing the airbrush or coming in for a custom color and training session with one of our trained and certified Microskin technicians.

We’re excited to offer these starter kits. Our mission and goal is to help as many people as people cover their vitiligo in a safe and affordable way. No other product is waterproof or doesn’t rub off, that’s why Microskin is the best makeup for vitiligo. We also know that Microskin applies to the skin perfectly and virtually corrects any difference in pigmentation once it is applied.

After trying our starter kit, we recommend that you visit our Microskin offices to receive a customized color that is exactly matched to your own skin color. We use a special scanner that identifies your skin tone and allows our technicians to create it perfectly every time. Thus, every time you reorder Microskin you are receiving a product that is a perfect match to your skin color and tone.

How to Cover Up A Burn Mark On Your Face

The face is an extremely sensitive area. At our Microskin clinic, we’ve seen many burn patients with various size burn makes on their face. Each patient is different but the way help them cover burns on their face is still the same.

Microskin offers a product that is known as a “second skin”. It’s a medical cosmetic that is able to be precisely matched to the color of your skin or purchased as a generic color that closely matches your skin tone. It’s designed to be non-obvious, when it’s applied, it offers a nearly flawless cover up.

Our clients who have experienced burns love Microskin because it looks like their normal skin color. Microskin can also be applied to small and large areas without a problem. It’s waterproof and doesn’t rub off. It can be removed with a special serum that we provide with ease.

We always love working with patients directly to formulate an exact match skin tone, however, if it’s not possible to come into our office, we recommend clicking our “Shop” tab at the top of our page and purchasing a Microskin Starter Kit.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to us and we’ll help you find the product that’s best for you. If you visit our clinic, we offer specialized training sessions designed to help you apply Microskin perfectly every time. Our training provides the ultimate “how to” training for covering up burn marks on the face.

Microskin’s Burn Cover Up Now Available In Generic Colors

burn cover up

Microskin for burn cover up – After. See our “Before & After” tab for more photos

Due to popular demand, we’ve opened our own eCommerce store that sells generic versions of product. You can find the Microskin eCommerce store by clicking here.

If you are unable to come in and receive a custom color formula, we now offer the option of having clients purchase one of our generic colors that closely match your skin tone. These starter kits come with everything you need to apply Microskin right out of the box, including the removing serum.

Our starter kit includes:

2 ounce bottle of a sample of Microskin. Choose a sample color from one of our Color Charts. Chart A is for Birthmarks, Hyperpigmention, Scarring and Tattoos. Chart B is for Vitiligo and Depigmentation.
Removing Serum
Microseal Powder
An application dish
A Stipple Sponge
A Microseal Powder applicator

This powerful starter pack will help you cover up burns right away. Remember, Microskin is completely waterproof and lasts for days. On skin that has experienced a burn, it lasts even longer since there is less oil present on the surface of the skin. It’s the most cost effective burn cover up makeup that matches your own natural skin tone.

We also recommend that you come in to a Microskin clinic after trying our starter kit so we can create an exact match tone to match your skin’s colors. You only need to visit on clinic once and we save your skin tone. When it’s time to reorder, we already know exactly what color product you need. It’s very simple and easy.

If you have any questions about which chart or color to order, give us a call or send us an email to info@microskincenter.com.

Microskin – The Perfect Vitiligo Cover Up For Men

Microskin is the best vitiligo cover up for men. Period.

Contrary to many people’s first belief, the majority of the vitiligo patients we see in our clinic are actually men. If you are a man and have vitiligo and are interested in Microskin, we welcome you to give us a call or send an email today.

We offer personal, private consultations and training sessions with our skilled Microskin technicians. Our technicians will make sure that you understand exactly how to apply our product professionally before you leave our building.

You don’t even have to waste time with other generic makeup products. Microskin is a custom skin makeup that acts more like a second skin to completely cover vitiligo areas making our product the most effective vitiligo cover makeup around. Other vitiligo cover lotions are expensive, blotchy and look terrible. You can apply the perfect amount of Microskin to any area of the body and have it look very natural. Covering up vitiligo the safe way couldn’t be easier.

The advantages of using Microskin are not having to deal with harmful procedures and skin dye for vitiligo that aren’t always safe. We offer a better way of covering up vitiligo that isn’t invasive or painful.

Microskin isn’t a topical corticosteroid either. It’s a medical makeup that is also known as a camouflague makeup that works the same for both men and women.

Makeup For Vitiligo Cover Up

When it comes to covering vitiligo with makeup, you should know that all products aren’t created equally. The majority of clients that we see in our clinic have tried all sorts of various vitiligo cover ups and have been disheartened. The different products available on the product are really all just the same thing and are not really designed well. They are just generic colors of heavy makeup.

Makeup For Vitiligo Cover

This is why we’ve created Microskin. It’s a custom skin makeup that is designed to precisely match your skin color and tone. It’s the ultimate concealer makeup package that is designed to allow your skin to be able to breathe. It’s strong enough to also be waterproof while not being able to rub off.

When you visit our clinic, we give you thorough how to instructions and tips on applying Microskin for maximum results. There’s no need to worry about anything since our skilled technicians have successfully taught thousands of people how to apply Microskin professionally for years.

Covering vitiligo has never been so easy and we guarantee that. If you don’t think that Microskin is the best makeup for vitiligo cover up then you have absolutely no obligation to buy it but we do wish that you’ll come down for a consultation to see how we can help you.

New Microskin Review Video Is Live On YouTube!

We’re proud to share a new video on YouTube with you. It features a brief over view and introduction to what Microskin is:

In a nutshell, Microskin is an extremely durable medical grade makeup that can be custom matched to your skin tone. Once the precise color match is made, we offer consultation and training sessions that are designed to teach you how to put it on like a professional.

The actual makeup itself does a fantastic job of covering up any skin conditions, including tattoos. Check out our YouTube channel for more real-time demonstrations of the cover up process. We show all of our videos in real-time and never edit them.

If you have any questions about Microskin or if you’re wondering if it can work for you – then please call either our New York or California office today. You can find the phone number right at the top of this page.

Vitiligo Makeup for Hands

Vitiligo is a skin condition that can appear suddenly and on any part of the body. The characteristic symptoms of vitiligo are a loss of pigment on the skin, resulting in “white spots” that can come and go and even change position on the body.

When vitiligo occurs on the hands, it can make many of our patients feel extra self-conscious since it is a highly visible area. The hands are also a very sensitive area so it is a part of the body that is most frequently seen by our patients also.

This is why Microskin ends up becoming frequently used as a vitiligo makeup for hands. It’s the perfect choice because it can’t be rubbed off easily and it is entirely waterproof. Traditional makeups just don’t last on the hands because sweat, activity, movement and friction eventually rub it off. For Microskin, the everyday activities associated with daily tasks aren’t even a problem and are nothing to worry about.

Here is a REAL TIME demonstration of Microskin being applied to hands as a vitiligo coverup product: