Do You Need To Cover Your Tattoos? Microskin Will Do It

Tattoo removal can be frightening. The pain is worse than actually getting the tattoo originally, and sometimes it doesn’t even get all of the pigment out of the epidermis. On top of all that, the price is just as frightening as the procedure. Do you have a tattoo you regret and cannot stand much longer, but don’t have the resources or pain tolerance to get it removed?

Microskin is here to help. Gone are the days of being embarrassed by your tattoo. If you set up a Microskin consultation, we will custom blend and custom make for you a high-pigment liquid in which you can cover all of your tattoos. A painless and cheap way to cover your tattoos. If you only want to cover your tattoos for a day or up to a week, Microskin can accommodate. For a larger piece, you would need the airbrush machine. It was flawlessly covers any and all color and pigment in your tattoo. For a smaller tattoo, you could just cover up tattoos use the stippling method which is used by a stippling brush. Either way you get a seamless transition from your skin to the tattooed skin, all while using makeup to conceal tattoos.

See our before and after images:

Tattoo Before Microskin Is Applied

Tattoo Before Microskin Is Applied

Tattoo After Microskin Is Applied

Tattoo After Microskin Is Applied

The length of how long Microskin lasts on you is completely dependent upon you, the customer. If you would like it only for a special occasion, you can remove it with our cleanser that is alcohol-based. If you would like it on for a more lengthy period of time, not to worry. Microskin can last up to a week and it is waterproof, sweat proof, and it will not rub off on clothes or other people. Microskin is an affordable and cheap way to cover up tattoos, as well as a painless option as opposed to tattoo removal. Hiding your tattoo with makeup has never been easier.

We have nothing to hide. Check out Microskin covering a tattoo in “real” time:

You can also see our latest “Before & After” picture of Microskin covering a tattoo here:


Microskin “Before & After” Tattoo Cover Up

Trust Microskin As Your Burn Covering Makeup

The ability to let a burn breathe underneath makeup is very key in aiding it’s healing process. Most makeup to conceal burns are very thick, heavy, and clog up pores. Microskin is very different however. Microskin, while being full coverage make up, is a very breathable and lightweight cosmetic to cover burns. Effective burn covering makeup is very hard to find. Luckily Microskin makes it accessible and easy to use.

You use Microskin in either one or two ways to cover up burns. You use it in the stippling method, which is with a stippling brush which is for smaller burns. Or the airbrush technique, which is for a larger area with larger burns on it. Both methods of applying Microskin give you a smooth and easy transition from the burned skin to the beginning of your non-affected skin. That transition won’t be too hard, considering Microskin uses individualized techniques to make the makeup custom for you. The custom blended makeup matches your healthy normal skintone exactly, so when it is applied over the burned area there is no sign of the burn.

Another major plus about Microskin is also the fact that it is completely waterproof. Given that burns are dryer in texture, Microskin can last on your skin from anywhere up to a week without reapplication. The only way it can come off is with the special Microskin remover that we give you when you purchased the cosmetic. Did you know it is not just waterproof, but sweatproof as well? So you can be active and perspire all you want and not have to worry about your burns peeking through. It also won’t come off on your clothes or other people, so no need to worry when you hug someone you love.

Please see the below video for a brief demonstration of how easily Microskin applies. Your case may be different, but we generally recommend using the air brush method to cover larger areas of burned skin:

Microskin As A Cosmetic Camouflage for Vitiligo

Suffering from vitiligo can be very difficult and challenging. Whether you have minimal vitiligo or vitiligo everywhere, you will probably want a heavy duty cosmetic to try and cover up your vitiligo. Finding the right product can be very difficult but Microskin promises to hide your vitiligo completely.

What Microskin does is that they take a sample of the color of your healthy normal skin and make an exact replica of it for the cosmetic. Once the cosmetic is made, it can be applied in one of two ways. One being with a stippling brush, which is ideal for smaller areas. And then there is the airbrush technique which you use an airbrush machine to spray Microskin all over and you get a flawless application for larger areas. Microscan look so perfect that it actually looks like a second skin. How to hide vitiligo has never been easier. If you are worried that such a pigmented product is heavy, no fear. Microskin is very light feeling, and you can barely tell you have it on. It is a cosmetic that actually allows your skin to breathe. It just looks like your skin, but only better.

Another positive about Microskin is that with full coverage comes a long-lasting results. Microskin promises to last on your skin from anywhere up to a few days to up as long as a week. it really just depends on the skins texture and how much oil is produced on the area. Microskin can conceal your vitiligo for days. This allows for less reapplication and less product wasted. It is also sweat proof, waterproof and budge-proof. Microskin cannot be transferred onto clothes or fabric.

You can learn more about vitiligo from this additional resource on cosmetic camouflages for vitiligo.

Microskin Doesn’t Wipe Off. Period

When you want to get rid of scarring, burns, vitiligo, or tattoos that you don’t want to see, finding something that won’t rub off on clothes or fabrics is rare. Microskin, a liquid long-wearing cosmetic that conceals, will not come off, even with friction. The only way to get off Microskin is with our specially made, alcohol-based remover. Microskin is specially made so it can cover up any skin condition you might have. This includes burns, scars, vitiligo, tattoo cover-up, stretch marks, or the like. You can see our television commercial here:

Microskin is a liquid make up that conceals and doesn’t wipe off! Applying the individualized product is super easy as well. You either do it in a stippling method or an airbrush method, both of which we will show you and decide what is best for you at your consultation. The beauty about this product is that you can shower, swim, exercise, do whatever you want. Microskin isn’t getting go anywhere until you want to wipe it off with our alcohol based remover. Whatever you are trying to cover up, we can custom make it so that it perfectly matches your skin. Finally, a cosmetic that conceals and doesn’t wipe off. You can email us or call us to set up your consultation. Please feel free to check out our before and after photos as well.

We do this by custom-making the cosmetic to go over your skin condition. When applied, you’re no longer be able see it because it is opaque and because it is a perfect match. Microskin expertly and easily conceals with makeup. The make up ideally last for a few days or up to a whole week. Usually the week is if you have the dryer skin texture, it’ll last longer and cling on to your skin better. The final product is smooth, beautiful, unblemished skin, so much so we call Microskin a second skin of sorts.

Microskin Is The Best Foundation That Doesn’t Rub Off

Endurance in a makeup is highly important. Who wants to be worried about if their foundation is running or coming off all the time? Would’t it be great if you could apply a foundation in the morning, and not have to worry about it at all? Microskin can do that for you. Not only is it the best foundation that doesn’t rub off, it is also a custom product.

Microscan is rub-resistant. You cannot get this on fabrics, clothes, or other people! This long-wearing foundation is one of a kind. You can perspire in this and exercise freely. Completely waterproof, it is a great alternative to commonplace foundation, where it would run if you get caught in the rain or swim. You can even shower with this on you. It lasts for a few days, or up to a week on less oily parts of the body. This stays on regardless. The only way to efficiently get this foundation that won’t rub off is with an alcohol-based remover that we provide you. For being such a pigmented and long-lasting foundation, it is feather light on the skin. It will not clog your pores.

The custom part about Microskin is that is matches your exact skin tone. No more searching for your perfect shade or getting the wrong skin match. At your consultation, we scan your skin tone and make a liquid cosmetic catered to you. A lot of long-lasting foundations can look heavy and noticeable on the skin. Not Microskin. It looks so natural, we call it a “second skin”. To apply your new skin, you use either a stippling brush (best for smaller areas) or an airbrush machine (ideal for larger parts.)  The best foundation that won’t rub off is here at Microskin! Book your consultation today.

Microskin’s Whole Body Makeup Covers Any Alterations In Skin Color

Camouflaging the entire body with run-of-the mill makeup can present a challenge. From application, to exact skin color matches, normal makeup doesn’t cut it. However, we here at Microskin have just the whole body makeup for you! The ease of application, to the perfect shade match, we got you covered!

The way we perfectly match you here at Microskin is we scan your normal skin tone, and create a custom liquid makeup just for you. The positive to this is that there will be no distinguishable start or finish from your real skin to the Microskin. Microskin is the best whole body makeup because it looks like your skin. So much so, we call it a second skin of sorts. It does not look dense or cake-y, just beautiful and healthy skin.

An advantage of Microskin as whole body makeup is the ease of application. Most makeup you would have to strategically place and put on, and it could seem to take forever! You can use a simple airbrushing device to spray the entire body with Microskin. This airbrushing device makes applying Microskin fast and easy, with great results. During your consultation, we will show you just how to use the airbrush technique so you can get flawless looking skin. Microskin is a long-wearing, full body makeup as well. Sweat-resistant and waterproof, you can actively exercise, swim or even shower in this “second skin”! Microskin will not rub off either. An alcohol-based remover we provide for you is the only way to get it off.

Check out us demonstrating how Microskin is waterproof on our YouTube Channel:

Microskin has offices in New York, NY and Pasadena, CA, so please stop in and set up a consultation now to get your entire body makeup. If you have any questions or inquiries, e-mail us or call us!

Conceal Burn Marks and Scarring With Our Second Skin

Burns in general are difficult to hide. But burn scars can be just as difficult. Finding the right shade or something that will last you a few days is nearly impossible usually. But Microskin is here to help. Microskin is a liquid, full coverage cosmetic that can aide you in hiding burn marks and scarring. It takes on the appearance of your own skin, a simulated second skin really!


This “second skin” expertly hides burn scars because it is a personalized cosmetic. We take a scan of your good skin, match it and create your very own Microskin. Once applied, there is no appearance of makeup. Only unblemished, healthy skin shines through. Microskin is heavy on pigment, but let’s burns breathe and does not clog pores. This is significant to those who have burns, since the last thing you want to do is not allow it to properly heal while concealing burn scars.


Microskin also lasts up to a week on burns. It lasts this long particularly on burns because they tend to be of a drier texter, with less oil being produced. No re-application for up to a week, and Microskin is waterproof. You can shower with it on, and it will not become streaky or go missing. Microskin will not rub off or come off with friction either, hiding your burn scars regardless of what you wear or bump into. Normal soap will not do the trick for getting it off. You will need to use our remover, which we include when you buy Microskin.


To apply it is simple. There is either the stippling technique, in which you use a brush on smaller areas. Or the airbrush technique, which is mostly used for larger parts of the body. Please review our Before & After pictures:

Microskin - Before Treating Burns

Microskin – Before Treating Burns

Microskin - After Treating and Being Applied to Burns

Microskin – After Treating and Being Applied to Burns

The Best Temporary Makeup For Any Occasion Is Microskin

Microskin, a liquid cosmetic, is known and praised for being long-lasting. But what if you only wanted to cover up a skin condition or tattoo for a night or two? Not to worry! With Microskin, we give you the option as to how long your “second skin” lasts on you for. While it is on you, it is the most full coverage temporary makeup option possible! Whether you are trying to temporarily cover tattoos or a skin issue, Microskin is packing serious coverage for you!


The best way to remove Microskin is by using our alcohol-based remover, which we specially designed. This remover gives you the option of whether Microskin lasts only a day, or up to a week. Microskin gives you the freedom! Many temporary makeup options  give semi-sheer coverage, which is not what one looks for usually in concealing a tattoo or vitiligo, for example. Microskin is a great opaque makeup that will expertly match your skintone! We scan the skin, and create your perfect shade. You can apply Microskin as a spray on foundation, with our airbrush machine, or you can stipple it on with a brush! Stippling is best for smaller areas, and the airbrush is ideal for a larger region of the body. Either way, you achieve great looking skin.


A lot of typical temporary cosmetics will also rub off, or dissipate in water. Not Microskin. The product is totally waterproof, so if you are at the beach or in water it will stay on strong. You can perspire wearing it too, whereas most temporary foundations cannot handle that. Microskin will not rub off onto fabric either, so you can feel free to wear your best clothes with this and not worry.


Call us to try Microskin and set up your consultation!

Microskin Is Also A Temporary Tattoo Makeup

For going to a special event, like a wedding, you may not be so keen on showing off all your tattoos! Or perhaps they were gotten so long ago you don’t even like them anymore. You are now searching for a temporary tattoo makeup, so you can show and hide them at will. Microskin can help. It is a lightweight, heavy-duty cosmetic, that can be taken off at your choosing.


The beauty about Microskin is although it can last a very long duration, it can easily be taken off! You may take if off with our alcohol-based cleanser, which Microskin will provide for you. You cannot remove Microskin with any normal soap or water. A great thing is that Microskin is waterproof as well, so regardless if you are sweating or getting caught in the rain, your tattoo will be fully covered. Also, if you are wearing clothes or getting close to people, Microskin will NOT rub off on clothes or loved ones. Many temporary tattoo makeup will do this, but Microskin is extra-durable.


To conceal a large tattoo, you may want to try out airbrushing technique, as it is designed to work with larger areas! For hiding smaller tattoos, you can use our stippling method, in which you apply Microskin with a brush. The result is a flawless canvas, it looks natural, and it looks like you pre-tattoos! It looks like a second skin, unmarked and beautiful.


To see Microskin in action, please visit our Before and After section! You will be amazed at how well Microskin covers. Call us or e-mail us with any inquires, or to set up your consultation today.

The Best Way to Cover Scars Is Using Microskin To Cover Them

Scarring can come from all sorts of things: injuries, accidents, perhaps even acne! If the scarring is severe and visible, and you would like to get rid of it, Microskin is here to assist you. A highly pigmented liquid cosmetic, Microskin can completely cover up your scars, all while looking completely non-suspicious. Microskin prides itself on being an individualized cosmetics company, and we will help you look amazing and conceal your scars!


We can match your skin tone exactly by scanning the pigment of your non-scarred skin. This scan is painless and completely non-invasive! After we scan you, Microskin experts can make you a cosmetic that will completely hide your scars! Once we custom-make you your Microskin, we will show you how to apply it. There are two methods to apply Microskin. One method is the stippling method, in which you apply the cosmetic with a small stippling brush. This is ideal for smaller regions. The airbrush method is ideal for larger parts, and you use this by spraying the makeup on with an airbrush machine. Both give an opaque coverage, and no scars will peek through!


Once Microskin is applied, it will not go anywhere! Your simulated “second skin” will not budge. It cannot be rubbed off, or even come off with water. In being so waterproof, you can even shower with Microskin on, making it ideal in covering scars! Normal soap will not take the makeup off, you will need to use our own brand of Microskin remover in order to do that. In being such an enduring product, you would never think it would be lightweight! But Microskin is breathable, and does not clog pores, truly making it the best way to cover scars!


We have two convenient locations: one is in New York, NY and the other is in Pasadena, CA. Please come in, or give us a call to inquire.